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tv   [untitled]    August 12, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> moving on to agenda item 13, this is the director's report. the director will update and report on the office of small business and update on department programs and legislative mat and hers make announcements regarding business activity and this is a discussion item. >> well, first before i get into my report, i want to relevant come christian for his willingness to sit in on the seat of the commission secretary and to fulfill that role and function while we during the interim. thank you and, welcome. >> you are doing a great jofnlt and commissioners now that we have a approval of the minutes, we have updated the plan and that is in your binder. and so, i am going to and i
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have adjusted my director's report to reflect, our action item and serve, the report each month, on goals that have so i just wanted to let you know that the quarter two, for 2013, or the first quarter two of 2013 for the dashboard and we will have complete this week and you will be getting a copy of that. we are working with ken stram of two bridge communications to design some surveys for us. two of the surveys are to reach out to the departments, and now, that we are we have been in the assistance center has been in existence, we want to do an analysis on the effectness of the department of our department, the center as
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it relates to the departments to see, are we, or are the clients that we serve, more informed when we come to engage, are we hoping to make their jobs any easier? and things of that sort and get any feedback in terms of things that they would like to see us improve on as well. and the same thing for with our economic development organization and then to do a comprehensive survey to the clients that we have served to date. and so, those surveys will be designed and conducted over the next three to four months. so, i will be having information on that to be reporting to you. and then, goal two, we successfully advocated for additional funding through this last budget cycle, to be able to do specific out reach for the gross receipt and that was really important to make sure that the businesses have a smooth transition into the
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gross receipts from the payroll tax and the business registration over the next two years will be doing a tiered increase and so we want to make sure that all businesses especially our sole pry pry proproters are prepared for that transition. >> and then, a couple and i am not going to go through necessarily everything, and on-line business portal, we have the funding for that, and we are now in discussion and it looks like we are going to be the goal for what we are going to be accomplishing for the on-line business portal is developing sort of the entry section. and so, which, may sort of dove tail as a redesign for our office website as well. and developed some and then start transitioning the departments into an on-line fillable pdf for application forms.
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and so, those are kind of just the three key goals of what we want to accomplish in the next year with the budget and the funding that was received, for the business portal. and stream lining report, we are still in the final edits and so, hope to have this to you by the end of august for you to review. in terms of the goal four, so for the recycling centers and the crv, the reception value, we now have had the fourth closure of a significant recycling center are almost fourth closure with the recycling center with the market street safeway. and so which is and i reported last week that there was a closure of the geary street safeway. and so this is escalating our need to sort of deal with this. and so, i have been in conversation with jason elliott to start looking at this as a
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comprehensive thing for the city to address. and some proposal to put forward to the state because this is a state law, and so, any unique things that we may need to do will have to be addressed sort of in that context of it being a state regulation. the task force has two meetings left and so, the last two meetings we will be setting forward some recommendations, and i will let you know what those are primarily we have been doing fact finding and getting some information, and the one thing that has happened which i thought to me which is sort of a key element of the direction to go in, that we can identify, and i hope with the recommendation, is because of this wage task force working together, with the city attorney, the district
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attorney, and private law firms, and there was one entity that olse had and there were some wage theft and the business closed was going to sell the property and the entities were about to leave town, the employees alerted olse and because of the wage theft task force it really, the people have established a relationship so, the city attorney and the district attorney, and the private attorney, all worked together to take some immediate action that they needed to take in a matter of like 72 hours. and did it and got it done and really prevented, this entity from being able to sell their property without baring the conditions of selling their property would then have to mean that the back wages would be collected through the sale of the property. so i think that to me is the intention of the big message of this is that instead of necessarily doing the new laws
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and regulations it is how do we make much more efficient, what we do have on the books and the actions that we can take. and that is something that even at the state level they are starting to work on is doing the it and developing the inner agency task forces to be able to take more immediate action and lefaging what is in existence. >> and so, christian has been staffing the office on the historic historic. and the seismic safety, and ada and we are expecting a draft proposal to come forward. and we may have something to report to you next month on that. and in terms of what these draft proposals are and the conclusion of this project is the end of october; is that correct?? >> the understanding is the funding that have to be used by the end of september.
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and so, we will be making recommendations from our end in relationship to this document but we will report to you on probably be more like the first meeting of september kind of where we are and what we are seeing and the out comes of this working group and the mobile retail christian has met with the merchant groups on august second. and proposed an initial concept of a way of permitting with a way of designated spots of the nc areas and the neighborhood commercial districts. and that was meet with decent reception, and so it really stimulated a lot of good
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conversation. we will be looking at that in relation to what that means, so the clients served we are about even for july with 2012. and i have capped the time line as regarding the commission's secretary, and the hiring time line. and a couple of other time lines is that i don't have in the report is commission is sponsoring so, small business saturday, is been a project that the commission has been involved with for the last two years and the american express and does a big promotion on for the small business safety with the saturday after thanksgiving, and the woman's impacting public policy has been their local group working to kind of help organize it with partners here in san francisco. and one of the feed backs that the merchants gave to this to
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say that we like to see this being extended not just on saturday. but for many other 50 year round, and so they took that back to american express and american express is developing a pilot project and san francisco is the selected city to do a build up of a shop small campaign. and to do a build up to small business safety. so the small business commission is helping sponsor baners. and that are going to be put up city wide. and we will have approximately 250 baners that are put up city wide that say shop small along with the council of district merchants. and those will go up, i think, october, the beginning of october and so i will be sending out to you what the banner looks like and the proposed areas. and we can put up sort of the
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recommendations, but, it all depends on what contracts are in existence in terms of banners being up on the poles and when they are coming down but you will be getting that information from me in the next week. >> and then, to let you know, that tim robbins is doing a film with his new movie big eyes and they will be doing the filming in north beach at the end of the month and so hopefully the film commission and the rest of the neighborhood team is reaching out to the north beach merchants but i do think that i would like to let you know if any of those big things are happening because that is in general good for business when this happens. and in the city. >> run that by, again, we don't know about that. >> it is the zombie apocalypse movie.
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>> okay. >> and then, and then the adl reads the affordable care act. i am going to be sending and i am just going to send to you every opportunity that you might be able to have to engage in a webinar around covered california both the individual mandate and the shop mandate and so the shop program just came on-line last week and available for a small businesses to be able to take a look at the different portfolios that they could purchase an insurance package with and so because this, and from what how i. and to put it simply, one needs to kind of understand how this all works as we take a look at the affordable care act. and the healthcare security ordinance and how those two sort of overlap. and without having a good
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understanding of a foundation as to how the affordable care act covered california, is the market place or the exchange program for both individuals and small businesses, without understanding how that all works, and some of the dollars and cents around it, so i encourage you to play around with it, and take some of your employees in terms of what they make and play around with the different levels because there is bronze and there is silver, and gold, and plat um in terms of dollar values that you can contribute based upon your wage that you might get a certain amount of subsidy. and so, i just want to really encourage to you take some time to start playing around with that information and that data on the website and the covered california website but also to take a look at this and engage at least one seminar with the
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covered california, individuals and one with shop. >> and then, in terms of legislation, i have highlighted in red, three or four pieces of legislation, that have been referred to the commission. and that, the legislation and policy committee will hear at their august meeting. and then, the, there is one item that the legislation and policy committee did hear around alcohol regulations and introduced by supervisor cohen but it is on hold right now, although she may or we may and the commission may hear this after the recess and then, there are two pieces of legislation that the commission has heard that has been signed by the mayor, and items that are not schedule in the committee and because we are having this large discussion around the formula retail i have separated out the legislation that is the
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commission has already heard, in regards to the formula retail. and criteria, and formula retail proposed changes, but these have as sophie has indicated the planning commission has asked us or the supervisors to put these on. and so these items are on pause, while we deal with the larger formula retail question. >> when is the recess end? >> the recess, the board of supervisors are back the first week of september, and the first four supervisors meeting is september third. >> okay. >> and so with that, and unless there are any questions, conclude. >> what type of a business was that? >> in-home healthcare. >> okay. >> and i have a question, just you may not know the answer and if you don't, just let me know. and on the affordable care act, and that matches up with the
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health security organization in san francisco, i got the impression from looking at the board of supervisors here, you know, that this week or last week, and it is still leaving a lot of people and the affordable care act it seems like is going to a lot of people are going to healthcare today are not going to have healthcare with the affordable care act if the healthy security ordinance is kind of abolishes or whatever. >> i guess what i am trying to say is that i was surprised because i thought that the whole reason for the affordable care act was to dramatically expand into covering people that don't get coverage today. because they could not afford it.
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there is a significant number that are going to be covered by medical and it is really how i describe it as the affordable care act is more of an individual mandate and the healthcare security ordinance is an employer mandate. and where sort of the realm, that is sort of getting into the part time employees. or the small businesses. who can't. currently afford to purchase health insurance. they may have been meeting the main date of the healthcare ordinance by contributeding to the city auction which is healthy san francisco or doing an hra. the city option, and so, if you are eligible for medical or the
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exchange program, which in california is covered california. the city option, does not meet the affordable care act standards in terms of health insurance. and so, if you qualify for any of those. then you can't enroll in healthy san francisco. the hras, which we are still waiting to get the final determination on is the hras have been a way that the employers have been able to meet the mandated spending requirements, to be able to get those funds to the employees, to spend on health expenditures, but it is the affordable care act does not allow for hras. but the big question is how does the employer get the funds to the employee, you know? to be able to utilize for the
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health expenditure, which that is the big question. >> right. okay. >> and i just want to i was just surprised with this kind of i thought it was going to cover more people really, but i guess that i am not correct on that. >> but what it does is that it allows more individuals to be able who are not covered by their employer, who provides the insurance, it does, it actually does cover a lot more people in the lower, lower, lower, income in terms of being able to move on to medical, and move in there. and i think that where it kind of the question is, is, the idea of you were required to purchase your own insurance and making it more affordable, and to make it able to do that and so it allows the individuals to be able to say that i am going to take a look at the five different insurance entities, and they are offering the same
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type of thing, and they maybe it is a slightly different dollar values or you can purchase sort of, you can pay a little bit more and you are going to pay a little bit more per month, then you pay less in terms of your co-pay. and you know? that type of a thing? and you pay a little less but then you pay more out of pocket. for your co-pay. >> and so, but, at least it allows you to look and actually sort of measure what you are going to get for the dollar spent. >> okay. thank you. >> okay. >> next item, please? >> item number 1 4, the president's report. >> okay, i just have one issue here. and seeing how the board of supervisors is on recess and there really is not anything to hear in the next meeting, if everybody is... i would like to cancel the next meeting and start again in september.
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>> how do we all feel about that? any comments? or questions? >> okay with me. >> wither going to have policy meeting because we have a lot to talk about there, but in the reviewing the agenda going forward i did not see anything and so i would like to bring that up. >> seeing none, we will not have a meeting then on the 26th of august. >> perfect. >> and that is all that i have for the president's report. >> next item, please? >> item 15, the vice president's report. >> no report. >> public comment? >> we don't need public comment. i like to comment that that commission white. and he did a great job. and that is hence the reason. number 1 6, commissioner?
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>> do we have a commissioner report? >> i am moving forward about the agent is he office and and i met with the member of the north beach business association and we are going to have the actual summit in october and i am definitely want to work with christian on his historical information that he is doing on ada and no eval merchant association have requested to be involved. and council district merchants, and so basically we will meet in september and get our laundry list in order so that when we have the actual summit, we will not be saying the same thing 20 different ways. and we are hoping with everyone in the same room, we might
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actually get some changes moving forward that will help the city. >> great. >> any other commissioner comments? >> seeing none, next item, please? >> next israel em is item 17, general public comment. >> are there any members of the public that would like to make any comments on any future meetings. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> next item. >> 18, new business. >> do we have any new business? >> just have one question. s maybe you need to go back and research it but i was curious what i forgotten, what the follow up was to the work that the small business commission and the planning commission together with regards to making it easier for certain businesses to get a permit. >> the sb 4 p. >> yes. >> and so, i will... >> maybe you immediate time
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need time to go back. >> i think that that is a good item to new business is to get an update from the insider in terms of the number of businesses that have been able to partake in the sb 14. >> okay. >> okay, next item? >> 19, adjournment. >> is there a motion to adjourn? >> i move. >> second. >> okay. all in favor. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> motion, meeting adjourned. >> motion, meeting adjourned. pe. [train whistle blowing]
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>> we love our parks, but we love... >> and the community who is really the core of it all, came together and said what we need is a place for our teenager to play, not just play grounds for the kids and soccer fields but we need a skate park that will keep the kids home in the neighborhood so they can play where they live. >> the children in the neighborhood and it will be a major boone. and we have generations, the youth generations that will be able to use this park in different places. >> the best park in san francisco right here.
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>> creating place where people can be active and lead, active, healthy life styles that are going to just stay with them for life. ♪ >> hi, in san francisco we're doing a special series called stay safe, about staying in your home after an earthquake. and today we're going to be talking about the neighborhood support center to help people find new resources when they stay in their home. ♪ ♪ >> we're here at the urban center in san francisco with
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sarah karlewski, deputy director of spur. we're talking about the shelter, a safe place to stay, exhibition at their center. and part of being able to shelter in place in your home is to be able to find a place nearby where you can get the services that you might not have in your home. and that's what this little neighborhood support center is for. >> that's right. >> what are some of the services that might be provided in a neighborhood center like this? >> yeah. so, we think of the neighborhood support centers as really being homes away from home. so, after a major earthquake there is going to be a lot of confusion. people are going to need to try to meet up with other people. they're going to need a lot of information. so, a lot of what the neighborhood support center is going to provide is that information. basically we're going to be like a hub where people can come to get services, help, information, et cetera. what you see here on this table are a whole variety of did you ever rent things from tools,
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some walki-talkies. this helps people know what is going on in their neighborhood. over here you have a whole variety of water and canned goods. we're really hoping that people will stock up for themselves at least for the first 72 hours if not more. i know that i have a ton of canned food and other sorts of things such as water within my own home. and everybody should, but there's going to come a time where people are going to end up running out and needing more. so, that's what we've got right here. >> so, this neighborhood support center, this doesn't look to be a major city sponsored fully stocked space. it can be a small commercial space, even somebody's garage as long as they have the information, a guide of information, who to call for what, communications equipment,
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some power, have a generator. >> that's right. >> thinking of lights and charge your cell phones and so on. and probably be operated by volunteers. >> volunteers, maybe members of nert could help out, people who live in the neighborhood that have some building skill could be helpful. so, if there is a structural engineer living nearby or even an architect, they could really help people kind of understand what has happened to their homes and what sort of repairs might be needed. >> here we are with some of the things that you might find in a neighborhood support center. one thing we learned from hurricane katrina, people really rely on their portable electronics and their phone. we say here's a charging station tied up to the generation. the essential coffeepot. >> yes. >> maybe a computer, you can check your e-mail with. >> yes. we have our charging station here. and then over here you can see we've got a whole variety


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